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Wood fired pizza

    Every Saturday evening you can eat pizzas at the restaurant or take away with our freshly baked stone oven. Pizza Platus € 8,50 With fresh tomatoes, cheese, peppers, zucchini, onion, mushrooms and ham Pizza vegetariana € 8,50 With fresh tomatoes, cheese, paprika, zucchini, onion, mushrooms and mozzarella Kinder Pizza margherita € 5,00 Tomatoes, cheese and ham

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Dinner Two to three times a week you can register for our three-course dinner. Please order the previous day. The daily menu can be viewed for registration and of course we take into account the preferences and any diet. For the children we provide a suitable child friendly menu. (High chairs are available) Dinner is served in our restaurant or on the terrace. For our entrees we serve mostly local fresh products and organically grown products. Sample menu: Salad with fried mushrooms in balsamic vinegar with cranberries and Roquefort cheese & Organic wine braised chicken with a creamy light scented wine thyme sauce, au cheese potato gratin, fresh organic vegetables region & Homemade fruit bavarois with whipped cream rosette Of course, we ensure appropriate wine selection. There is always the possibility to expand the menu with a cheese platter or fresh coffee with a liqueur.  

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          For an excellent lunch please visit our restaurant by the pool. Lunch Menu For lunch we have several freshly baked pastries, sandwiches, salads, soups and other tasty lunch dishes. Dishes Price Freshly baked sandwiches liberally with : French meats € 2,50 Dutch cheese € 2,50 Creamy soft French cheese, lettuce and tomato € 3,00 Homemade tuna salad € 3,50 Freshly baked bun with cheese, lettuce, tomato and boiled egg € 3,50 Freshly cooked hamburger with fried onions € 4,00 Smoked salmon, onion, capers € 4,00 Freshly baked bun cheeseburger € 4,00 Tosi’s Sandwich “Classic” with ham and cheese € 2,50 Toasted chicken “with cheese and marinated spicy chicken € 3,00 Sandwich ‘French’ with ham and soft creamy French cheese € 2,50 Bouncers Fried eggs with ham / cheese with two slices of country bread, three free-range eggs, cheese and ham € 5,50 Fried eggs with bacon / cheese with two slices of country bread, three free-range eggs, cheese and fried bacon € 5,50 Homemade soup of the day For example, a home-made fresh French onion soup with a hint of Madeira and a crostini of old cheese € 5,50 salads Salad with goat cheese of […]

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For breakfast there are several possibilities You could order fresh rolls and croissants the previous day that we deliver to your property the following morning; You order our luxury room service and get a full breakfast including a basket of fresh breads, croissants, orange juice, boiled egg, savoury and sweet fillings and crockery, glasses and cutlery, again please order the previous day. You specify a day in advance that you will have breakfast in our restaurant, we make sure that your table is covered with a luxurious breakfast at the time you have in mind.

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