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Hiking trails
In zo'n prachtige omgeving is stilzitten bijna niet mogelijk, hieronder een voorbeeld van een mooie wandelroute

Circuit Bourbou

Hike: 10km (3 hours and 15 min)

Difficulty: Medium

Characteristic: the yellow route

Also suitable for: mountain bikes and horses

Departure on the park: the Bourg de Gindou

Departure from La Place de Gindou

Departure northward direction Mas de Peyre. Go through this hamlet and turn over the cross (1) a small road, which is located 200 meters to the right. Arriving in the Salvaire (agony) (2), turn left into the woods.

You descend to the provincial road no. 25, hold it for 200m to the left and then take the road up to the left that leads to the hamlet Bourbou (3). After the provincial road 47 to 300 meters (left) and then take the second left (Rigal Bass). After 200 meters you link a road that leads to the fountain of Lourrajou, which provides several municipalities in water. From this fountain a path leading up (southwest) towards Le Reule. Go through this village (of interest is La Cheminée Sarrazine) and follow the road to the right which direction the picturesque village Rigal Haut leads (beautiful traditional architecture and special roofs ect.) Follow the road left towards water tower and descend again towards Gindou through Le Mas Peyre.