585 Chemin de Platus, 46250 Marminiac, France
+33760561723 / +31611720876
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The Platus qualities

The experience of discovering a different meaning of ‘luxury’ nature and space … A lovely quiet vacation spot between large trees, a ideal place with your kids, playing in a totally different atmosphere with their own unique sounds and smells. Your senses will be awakened and indicate that you are somewhere completely else. A vacation spot that respects the environment, with an emphasis on comfort, convenience, service and quality with minimal impact on the environment. You will discover the authentic areas and sides of the Lot and Dordogne with their rich tradition and heritage, you can do this with your children or friends. There a further sport, recreational and cultural activities or you can just fill your battery in the beautiful nature. You will enjoy the time and nature which our park and surrounding’s offer.

What you will not find at Platus and won’t miss! Large aqua center or spa’s, big air conditioning accommodations, great animated evening shows: we prefer peace and simplicity and offer comfort and quality services on our park in a personal way. Not overly landscaped flower beds, perfectly mowed lawns, trimmed hedges, we maintain the park but leave where possible nature as it is beautiful in its simplicity.

With the exception of the luxurious holiday house, there are no televisions in the accommodations, limited access to WIFI availability on the park. You may think a fist this is not very practical, but to limiting the technology addiction we guarantee you that you will fully relax. It really promotes interaction with your family and friends. Socializing, having fun together, enjoying the sound of the wind in the trees and birdsong gives a feeling of freedom. Naturally at the center of the park by the restaurant / bar and pool there is a TV and free-WIFI internet available. But we encourage you to try this new experience on Platus, in all simplicity, authenticity, space and in nature in the comfortable luxury of the park and accommodation offer.