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Swimming nearby
Open water gelegenheden in de omgeving

Open Water Fun in the neighborhood

Lake Lac Vert Catus (23 km from Platus) has sandy beaches and playgrounds.

Foto 2 Lac Vert in CatusFoto Lac Vert in Catus






Slightly larger scaled is Base de Loisirs in Montaigu (65 km from Platus, a huge slide.

Foto Base de Loisirs bij Montaigufoto 2 Base de Loisirs bij MontaiguFoto 3 Base de Loisirs bij Montaigufoto 4 Base de Loisirs bij Montaigu







But also along the Lot there are some small beaches where you can spend nice times. The Lot is a slow-flowing river about 30 km from Platus where you can canoe / paddle very quiet and safe. Want some water wilder then you need to Cele.